Southeast Awnings: Case Study

Southeast Awnings have been serving their community for over 16 years. They are known for covering almost every business in the county with their top of line Awnings. This project was brought to us by a referral. The client was in need of reaching more clients outside of the county, as well as having a way to have potential customers that were interested easily follow up with them in regards to getting an estimate.


The Task

Modernize Website

Generate more traffic to the website

Improved client onboarding process

The Results

Southeast Awning was able to gained client inquires by 20%. The process we structured also allowed for speedy quote delivery.

What we did

Developed Southeast Awnings an amazing modern look

Customized an SEO plan that helped generate more organic traffic

Created a custom form that made communication with potential clients hassle-free and seamless

Harlem Zen Med Spa: Case Study

Harlem Zen Med Spa has been serving the Harlem and Metro Atlanta area for over 6 years. Harlem Zen specializes in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Care. We came in contact with this client via referral (love the power of referrals 😃). Harlem Zen was in need of getting a new design layout for the website. The original concern they were having with getting a new design look was the risk of page load speeds and having more opportunities throughout the website for visitors to book an appointment and pay securely in real-time. Also, they were in need of generating more organic traffic without using so many outsources tools and applications. Another task that they wanted to add to the list was having a way to automate visitor engagement and point visitors in the direction of setting up free consultations.


The Task

Create a new design layout while maintaining positive page load speeds

Creating call-to-actions throughout the website that engages with visitors and will lead to a free consultation

Automating chat and booking with visitors

The Results

Harlem Zen's web traffic was increased by 30%.  We also streamlined Harlem Zen's client intake process, allowing clients to contact a team member quickly and efficiently scheduling either a consultation or book an appointment (the turnaround has decreased from 48 hrs to 24 hrs).

What we did

We created a nice modern look that speaks to the Harlem Zen brand and it while maintaining positive page load speeds across all devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Placed call to actions throughout the website that gained visitors' attention and secured consultations.

We placed a chatbot service (fully customized) to engage with visitors on the website and provide information on demand while securing free client consultations.

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