The Interview

We will ask the right questions that will help unviel your REAL reasons for needing a website. Some of the questions we ask will really have you thinking. In fact, if these questions aren't hard to answer...then we haven't done our job.


The Checklist

Before we get underway, we need to make sure we dot our I's and cross our T's. This means we need information about web hosting, domain names, social media accounts, logos, content, etc. No worries, we will give you a list of everything you need to provide.


The Sitemap

We can't get to our destination without a map. In this case, we will structure a sitemap so that we ensure that we are on the same page quickly. This will help us structure the information in the way that it's intended for. Here is an example of a sitemap.


The Prototype

Now at this step, we will not overwhelm you with our jargon, instead, we will use our creative wits and design you a layout we feel will work best for you. We will use Adobe XD to give you a solid look and feel for your website, as well as show you the different layouts via Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. Here is a sample-mock-up.


The Final Design

Once we agree on the design look, we will then build you a browser-friendly version of your website and also one in-page design. This will then give you more hands-on experience with your website before delivery.

This will also be your last chance to make tweaks to your website. So choose wisely.


The Delivery

This will be the time that we spend a couple of weeks rolling up our sleeves and building out your website. We will make sure the bells ring and whistles blow before moving this to your quality web host provider or our web hosting services.


The Training

It is important that you take the time to learn how to manage your own website. In addition to the Video User Manual and the Written User Manual, we will provide one hour of guided training via an online conference. We'll hold your hand for the first 30 days.


The Post Launch

Now you should be enjoying your shiny new website and the responsibilities that come with it. At this point, you should also have a clear understanding of how to update and manage your content.

I can't stress enough the importance of keeping your website healthy and safe for all users. If you are anxious about handling such responsibilities, check out our website care plans. We got you covered!

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