The Interview

This can be a long and drawn out process if unclear of what you are trying to accomplish.

Think of it this way, how can you know if you have reached your goal(s) if one has never been set?

Tedious process? Can be if you are not prepared to answer the question. We are willing to help answer these questions, but if you are not willing...let's not waste each other's time.


Must be Passionate

If you are not excited about your brand and what you would want for it to stand for, then you will burn out.

Passion is going to have us drinking coffee or energy drinks to make things happen for you.

If you are not passionate about this, I would encourage you to hold off on plans until you have gathered more investment incentives.


Must Have A Budget

Money money money. It is true. Your project thrives from a budget.

In order for your brand to grow and be what you need it to be, a budget is a must.

I am not saying to sell everything you have to make this happen, but you will need to have a little nest egg aside to drive this.

If you follow our process, you will have a solid return on investment.


Must Have An Audience

Just having a website go LIVE does not generate an audience.

That is the first step. After that, we have to let everyone know that you are here. There has to be a reason to stop by your website. What is your unique value?

You have many ways to accomplish this: social media, video tutorials, case studies, portfolios, and these are just to name a few.

Knowing your audience makes the process a bit smoother, and if you do not...we have some work to do.


Must Have Content

This ties into what we mentioned about an audience.

Having rich content will ensure a positive gain in audience numbers.

No content? We will work with you to create content that will help boost your brand.


Must Have Time

Once the project starts, time is of the essence.

Respecting each others' time is critical to the success of your project.

Having an efficient and effective project timeline will be agreed on.

We are going to give it ALL we got, and we expect you to do the same!

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