Is this a hobby of yours?

This is my Full-Time job. I honestly, don't call it a job, I have a passion for this and truly enjoy what I do. Not many can say that.

Do you work alone?

No. I have a small team...a graphic designer and content writer.

Do you charge by the hour or by project?

We charge base on the project. We do have hourly rates for support and consultations.

What software do you use for your projects?

I like to stick to a few things: Adobe XD, Affinity Designer, Adobe Spark, Visual Studio Code, and WordPress.

What if you get eaten by a shark?

All of your assets to your website are securely backed up and will be ready for export to you or whomever you appoint to take over. This will be something we will cover in the consultation.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes. We use SiteGround for our web host provider. We do this for two reasons, it's affordable which allows for us to bounce the savings back to you and SiteGround is one of the highest-rated host providers for WordPress websites.

What do you need from me to get going?

During the consultation, we will provide you with a detail of what we will need from you. That will range from the domain name, web host provider (if not under us), content for pages, graphic designs, etc. Once we have these things, along with your deposit, we can rock and roll.

What if I am not happy with your work?

We ensure clear expectations of designs by starting with a mock-up of your home (landing) page. Upon approval of the "look", we will then move to a prototype, which will have a bit of functionality. This will consist of the home page and a secondary page (i.e. About page, Contact Page). Once you are happy with those, we will begin constructing your website live so that you can follow along with our progress.

Will I be able to maintain my own website?

Certainly. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), meaning that you will be able to add posts, pages, images, and themes whenever you want.  You would want to do this in moderation though.

Do you offer maintenance training?

Yes. It is part of the fee. Plus, you will have instructional videos on the website dashboard and a written manual for safekeeping.

What is site maintenance? (Website Care Plan)

Web maintenance consists of refreshing and adding content to the site, reviewing web site statistics and traffic on the site, monitoring the site for hacker activity, keeping an eye on server maintenance schedules, or server errors. For some who don't want to "mess with the website" having a webmaster on call who can make changes to their site is the best solution. You can view our Website Care Plans here.  We can handle it for you.

Can I change my design?

Definitely. I always tell clients, that building a website is never-ending! Changes are often a requirement when the flow traffic shifts.

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