things to know before hiring a webmaster


There seem to be new businesses forming every day. With the constant growth of start-ups, so is the importance of having a virtual presence. Deciding to build a website or to trust someone to bring your vision to life via web design/development and protect it can be a very nerve-racking process.

This is very much the case if you are someone that is not tech-savvy or not knowledgeable of the complete website creating process. Finding a webmaster would NOT be a problem, there are hundreds if not thousands of ones to choose from. Finding the RIGHT webmaster will depend on how much HOMEWORK you have done.

When going through the website creating process, I would strongly encourage that you have some of your own content and be prepared to have some questions for your potential webmaster.

Before you read any further, let me answer the question…what is a webmaster? I will keep this as simple as possible. A webmaster is someone who builds, maintains, and secures a website or sometimes many websites.

It is the webmaster’s responsibility to make sure that your website stays up and running with ZERO ISSUES! Especially if you have a SECURE PAYMENT process for your visitors if you have an e-commerce site. Or if you have BRUTE-FORCE protection for your login system.

When interviewing (yep…AN INTERVIEW) a webmaster or a digital agency, think of the following things:

Do they have current or past examples of their work?

Will they be able to provide me with a list of current or past clients?

What would they believe to be their best work, and why?

What content publishing, designing, and management tools will they use for building and maintaining the website?

What will be the approach to optimizing my website for search engines?

What special features can you add to my website?

How do you handle security concerns and other possible website difficulties?

Are you skilled with copyright issues?

Who will own the website?

What are your fees and payment terms?

Building a brand and gaining an online presence can be very stressful if matched with an unreliable webmaster/agency.

If you are ready to MOVE FORWARD with your BRAND and are not trying to end up with “The wrong match”, visit Kodegistics Design.

These questions you have gained from doing your homework can be answered easily by someone or a team that knows what they are doing. See HOW WE WORK. Fell free to comment and until next time.

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